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The Dramatic Way This Dad Used An App To Catch A Predator

July 12, 2017 in Tech Safety, Digital Safety

An Oklahoma dad carried out a dramatic plan to catch an online predator that he discovered had been preying upon his 15-year old daughter.

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Is Your Child A Digital Addict?

July 10, 2017 in Tech Safety, Digital Safety

Loud complaining, irritability, shouting, and every parent’s favorite: the temper tantrum. It is true that some kids display these types of behaviors often.

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How An Online Predator Posed As A Celebrity To Trick Young Girls

July 08, 2017 in Digital Safety, Safe Planning

Unfortunately, kids and teens can be easily persuaded when they believe they could be talking to celebrities or someone otherwise known as having any kind of fame.

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What Is Blue Whale And How Is It Encouraging Kids To Kill Themselves?

July 07, 2017 in Tech Safety, Digital Safety

A game among teens called Blue Whale has caught the recent attention of many European countries. Blue Whale is a suicide game … that’s right, suicide.

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Can Your Kids Recognize A Phishing Scam?

July 03, 2017 in Digital Safety, Safe Planning

Parents are typically well-skilled in recognizing a bogus email otherwise known as a phishing scam, but what about kids?

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Does Your Child Have Any Of These Dangerous Apps On Their Device?

June 26, 2017 in Tech Safety, Digital Safety

Kids are at risk every single day of coming in contact with a sexual predator. In fact, one in five U.S. teenagers who log onto the internet on a regular basis has admitted to receiving unwanted sexual solicitation.

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You’ll Never Believe What This Veteran Is Doing To Catch Online Predators

June 23, 2017 in Tech Safety, Digital Safety

Through a unique government program, Veterans now have the unique opportunity to help save children from pedophiles that use the internet to lure in young victims.

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Child An Internet Troll

Is Your Child An Internet Troll?

June 19, 2017 in Tech Safety, Digital Safety

Parents today know to be diligent about talking to their kids about respectful online behavior …

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Family Game Nights

Family Game Nights Are Getting People Talking Again

June 12, 2017 in Tech Safety, Digital Safety

If the family is falling into the inevitable rut of staring at a digital device for the majority of the evening

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Tech Peer Pressure

What Is Tech Peer Pressure And How Is It Affecting Your Kids?

June 09, 2017 in Tech Safety, Digital Safety

Think back to school days and the cool kids? They were probably the ones who had an edge on everyone else when it came to material possessions.

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